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• Wednesday and Friday mornings: food markets: Place de l’Hôtel de Ville and in the covered market under the city hall.
• Mid-April: book market: Place de l’Hôtel de Ville and in the covered market under the city hall
• At the end of Mai: “Fête des Fleurs”: flowers market in the rose garden of La Celle-en-Morvan.
• In July and August: guided tours of the Saint-Lazare cathedral and its district are weekly organized in foreign languages.
• In July and August: guided tour mini train trip.
•Mid-July: “Musique en Morvan”: festival of the oratorio.
• At the beginning of August: “Augustodunum, le voyage de Murcie” : gallo-roman epic in the roman theater
• At the end of August: “Fête de la Vielle”: Festival of the hurdy-gurdy and traditional music in Anost.
• Mid-September: “La Pautnée”: hike organized for walkers and mountain bike in La Grande-Verrière.

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Welcome to the Autun region

Autun is located in central Burgundy, at the gates of the Morvan Regional Natural Park, 1 hour and 45 minutes from Paris by TGV (TGV station Le Creusot, then shuttle to Autun) or 3 hours and 30 minutes by car; it is 1 hour and 15 minutes by TGV from Lyon (TGV station Le Creusot, then shuttle to Autun) or 2 hours by car.


The city is bordered to the north by vast green fields and to the south by forests of leafy trees.  The Arroux river cuts through the city.

The climate is characterized by more marked southern influences than the rest of Morvan, due principally to thealtitude, which is lower than 400 m.  Rainfall is moderate (less than 900 mm/year for the past 30 years).

Inhabitants of Autun and its outskirts are known as “les Autunois”. 

Autun is a deeply historical city.  It has preserved numerous ancient, medieval, and modern traces: a Roman theater, gates, ramparts, the Saint-Lazare cathedral, the town hall, an Italian-style theater, etc. 


Autun is a city of culture, categorized as a city of art and history, with numerous museums open to visitors: the Rolin museum; the museum of natural history, the museum of military youths, etc.  On the outskirts of the city you will find the Galvacher House, rose gardens, the European museum of Celtic civilization, and more …


Autun and its outskirts are always active with expositions, concerts, festivals, historic spectacles, sporting events, traditional holidays, trade shows, and markets

On the leisure side, a wide range of activities awaits you: golf, miniature golf, horseback riding, tennis, hiking, ATV trails, pools, spas, roller skating, fishing, and more..

You will find all types of lodging in all categories (hotels, guest rooms, furnished rentals, camping) to welcome you during your vacation.


Autun-tourisme invites you to spend a good time in a hotel in Autun : organize a group visit in Burgundy, visit the Rolin museum and other interesting places in the medieval city of Burgundy.

Paris : 316 km - 3h20
Lyon : 186 km - 2h50
Auxerre : 151 km -2h20
Dijon : 84 km - 1h30
Beaune : 47 km - 1h
Macon : 116km - 2h
Nevers: 110km - 2h15